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[Flare #35]

Flare #35

by Hill, Purcell, Pallot, Giordano, & Martinez
Together again for the very first time! It's the first honest-to-goodness team-up of Flare and her electric little sister, Sparkplug, for a final showdown with a maddened Max Krueger and the manipulative Lady Darkon, by Wilson Hill, Gordon Purcell, and Terry Pallot. Also in this issue, from out of the pages of Tales of the Champions, it's a special bonus Tigress adventure, by Wilson Hill and Dick Giordano, featuring a guest appearance by everyone's favorite WitchGirl, the naughty Black Enchantress!

GREEN $3.25 Add to Cart

Publisher:Heroic Publishing
Cover Price:$3.25
Cover Date:2006 September
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