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[Exalted vol. 1, issue 4]

Exalted vol. 1, issue 4

by Carl Bowen & Jim Zubkavich, Noi Sackda & Greg Boychuk
From the pages of White Wolf's hit RPG - This issue, the Solar Circle is caught between hordes of the Undead and emissaries of the Wyld Hunt while Faka Kun tries to free her fellow Djala from slavery at the hands of the Guild. The forces that precariously balance against each other in the city of Chiaroscuro are beginning to unravel and when the dust settles nothing will be the same. Plus a back up story by fan favourite Carlo (Batgirl) Baberi. White Wolf and Udon's fantasy epic spirals towards a pulse pounding climax. This action-packed whirlwind is perfect for new readers as well as existing Exalted fans. Also in this issue: Brand new Exalted RPG content and an insightful interview with the creators of the Exalted game line.

GREEN $3.49 Add to Cart

Publisher:Udon Entertainment
Issue:vol. 1, issue 4
Cover Price:$3.49
Cover Date:2006 June
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