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[Criminal Macabre #16: Feat of Clay]

Criminal Macabre #16: Feat of Clay

He's ba-aaaack!
Cal McDonald - the hair-triggered, smart ass, tough guy, private dick monster hunter comes back to Dark Horse this month, and he's brought his strangest nemesis with him. Horror maestro Steve Niles collaborated with fantastic artist Kyle Hotz (Marvel's Manthing, Dark Horse's Billy the Kid ) to bring to vivid, spooky life Cal's first-ever encounter with a real-deal golem. From the folklore of Jewish mysticism, the earthy homunculus is given shape and purpose by a grief-stricken father, out to exact vengeance on the man who attacked his daughter. In a bizarre twist of fate, the golem is loosed on the world with no master and only one known purpose - to kill! Cal's gotta do whatever it takes to stop this marauding hunk of clay from a pointless killing spree or . . . or, there's gonna be a pointless killing spree!

GREEN $2.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Title:Criminal Macabre
Issue:#16: Feat of Clay
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2006 June
Release Date:

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