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[Flare #34]

Flare #34

by Perrin, Mallonee, Pallot, Gross, & Brennan
It's the penultimate chapter of the "Darkdust" saga, by Steve Perrin and Terry Pallot, featuring Max Krueger's murderous showdown with Flare! This time, thanks to the machinations of the night-goddess Nyx, the perfect assassin is armed with all the power he'll need to take our heroine out, once and for all. How can even a shining goddess of the light hope to stand alone against the combined hatred of all the dark legions of Hell? The answer is: She can't. Also in this issue, don't miss the special nine-page Liberty Girl preview, by Mallonee, Gross, and Brennan.

GREEN $3.25 Add to Cart

Publisher:Heroic Publishing
Cover Price:$3.25
Cover Date:2006 June
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