[Final Destination - Spring Break Vol. 1 #2]

Final Destination - Spring Break Vol. 1 #2

by Mike Kalvoda & Lan Medina
Although shaken from the previous night's events the group decides to stay in Cancun and make the best of their spring break vacation. Meanwhile Carly confides in Bryan about her premonition and while he believes she might have some sort of "gift" that saved their lives, Carly just isn't so sure. As the group ventures out on their parasailing excursion everything seems to be going well. But in the midst of all the fun and excitement, another alarming vision rattles Carly. Before Carly can warn her friends, a terrible and disturbing accident occurs and she realizes that death is one step ahead of her again. Based on the hit movie series from New Line Cinema.


Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Title:Final Destination
Issue:- Spring Break Vol. 1 #2
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2006 May
Release Date:

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