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[Exalted vol. 1, issue 1 (2nd printing)]

Exalted vol. 1, issue 1 (2nd printing)

by Gala Ferriere, Jim Zubkavich, Noi Sackda, Greg Boychuk, & Roberto Campus
A young Kidale is anointed with the power of a reincarnated Solar Exalted and becomes the catalyst for conflict and heroism in the glittering glass city of Chiaroscuro. In a world where the gods have turned their attention away from mankind and incredibly powerful exalts stride forth to remake Creation in their image, legends will be forged and sacrifices will be made.

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Publisher:Udon Entertainment
Issue:vol. 1, issue 1 (2nd printing)
Cover Price:$3.49
Cover Date:2005 October
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