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[Flare #32]

Flare #32

by Willson Hill, Steve Perrin, Gordon Purcell, & Terry Pallot
Mark Sparacio contributes the first in a series of gorgeous painted covers for Flare and his upcoming Liberty Girl series. As Heroic Publishing kicks off its 20th year, Flare puts herself in a position to get one good shot at vengeance against her wicked aunt Helga. But in order to do it, she's first going to have to go through the Amazon Liberation Front. Meanwhile, Sparkplug has a problem, because Arcanna the WitchGirl has given her friend Jimmy Dooley a magic belt that with one magic word can grant him his every desire. Now what do you suppose Jimmy's going to wish for?

GREEN $3.25 Add to Cart

Publisher:Heroic Publishing
Cover Price:$3.25
Cover Date:2006 March
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