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[Shotgun Wedding (series 1) #1]

Shotgun Wedding (series 1) #1

by Marc Bryant & Jason King
What if Romeo and Juliet hated each other's guts? What if they were the heirs to rival mob families, with a blood feud going back 3 generations? What if Romeo was a lazy rich boy, with an illegitimate child and no plans to do anything with his life besides party? What if Juliet was an ambitious, cut throat climber, determined to take her place in her family's power structure, no matter who she had to hurt? What if they were forced into marriage as part of a truce set up by a vicious gangster making a play to take over both families? What if they showed everybody what happens when you back two people up against the wall who come from a long line of schemers, thieves, and killers?

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Publisher:Speakeasy Comics
Title:Shotgun Wedding
Issue:(series 1) #1
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2005 November
Release Date:
Notes:Indicia lists date as September 2005; cover says NOVEMBER 05.

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