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[Book of Lost Souls No. 3]

Book of Lost Souls No. 3

Pencils & Cover by COLLEEN DORAN
The destinies of most people are defined early on. Then there are the others: The Lost. Those whose numbers aren't in yet, who could go toward the light or toward the darkness - indeed, who could be tipped one direction or another. And everything starts with the book. That's what Jonathan discovers after taking a suicide plunge off the London bridge more than a century ago - and lands in the present. With the power of the Dark Man behind him - and the help of a cat named Mystery - Jonathan travels to the Lost, revealing their destinies as he discovers his own. When Jonathan encounters a talented runaway artist, he must help her choose between the easy path and the road less traveled. J. Michael Stracynski (Amazing Spider-Man, Supreme Power) blends timeless fantasy with modern storytelling in this new ongoing series.

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Publisher:Marvel Comics / Icon
Title:Book of Lost Souls
Issue:No. 3
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2006 February
Release Date:

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