[Michael Turner's Fathom: Cannon Hawke Vol. 1 Issue 3 (Cover A)]

Michael Turner's Fathom: Cannon Hawke Vol. 1 Issue 3 (Cover A)

Being accused of crimes he didn't commit is starting to become commonplace for Cannon! As he works on evading his captures, Shalla proves to be a worthy informant for the resurfaced Birahna. On a quest to obtain the grey liquid vile, nothing is going to stand in his way! But what does the Birahna want with the liquid vial, and what will Taras do to Cannon when he learns that his brother is actually alive? Featuring a brand new cover by artist and Fathom creator Michael Turner, and colorist Peter Steigerwald.


Title:Michael Turner's Fathom: Cannon Hawke
Issue:Vol. 1 Issue 3 (Cover A)
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2005 December
Release Date:

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