[Smoke and Mirrors (series 1) #1]

Smoke and Mirrors (series 1) #1

by Charles Satterlee, Claude St. Aubin, Kevin Breyfogle, Jimmy Palmiotti, & Lovern Kindzierski
Silas Binder was a superhero in his youth, one half a superhero duet made up of Silas, who went by the name Mr. Smoke and Miss Mirror. Mr. Smoke has since hung up the cape. Ms. Mirror has long since passed. Now, a new hero roams the streets of Chicago Smoke - mentored by Silas as he takes up the struggle of good versus evil. And wouldn't you know its Ms. Mirror's great-niece has been starting to develop powers. With flashbacks to the golden age of comics in every issue, Smoke & Mirror is a true original.


Publisher:Speakeasy Comics
Title:Smoke and Mirrors
Issue:(series 1) #1
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2005 September
Release Date:

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