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[Mr. T Issue 1 (standard cover)]

Mr. T Issue 1 (standard cover)

by Christopher Bunting & Dash Martin
American cult hero and all-round iconic entertainer - Mr. T - returns to pulp fiction (and pulp bad guys!) in this all-new pulse-pounding series! With the bright new creative team of Christopher Bunting and Dash Martin... and with Mr. T himself as Creative Supervisor... Mr. T promises to be the big (in more ways than one!) comic event of the year! Mr. T is star of such hits as The A-Team and Rocky III, and his fans have been missing out... but not for any longer! The creative team has a real treat in store, and this comic will be worth its weight in gold! It's time for criminals everywhere to get ready to be pitied!

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Title:Mr. T
Issue:Issue 1 (standard cover)
Cover Price:$3.50
Cover Date:2005 May
Release Date:

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