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[Beowulf No. 2]

Beowulf No. 2

by Brian Augustyn & Dub
Word of the mysterious disappearances of newly super-powered folk leads Beowulf to a unorthodox government detention center on an island off New York in the Hudson River. In a scene uncomfortably familiar to recent news, Beowulf discovers a facility set up to imprison, control, and interrogate these new super people by any means necessary. Getting himself out will be a challenge, but Beowulf swears to shut down the torture center or die trying! Beowulf alone knows the secret of what might be the most powerful super of all... but that secret may be about to go public inn an explosive way!

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Publisher:Speakeasy Comics
Issue:No. 2
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2005 May
Release Date:
Notes:Indicia is erroneously reproduced from #1.

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