[Golden Plates Volume 2: The Liahona and the Promised Land]

Golden Plates Volume 2: The Liahona and the Promised Land

by Michael Allred & Laura Allred
Mike Allred is presenting a visual adaptation of all the events in the entire Book of Mormon in a series of 12 graphic novels. Volume Two begins with a round ball of curious workmanship (the Liahona) which leads The Prophet Lehi and his people through the wilderness to an isolated lush landscape (Southern Arabia). Nephi is filled with the Power of God and builds a ship that takes them to the Promised Land (Central America) approximately 591 years BC. When they reach the new world, growing contention causes the people of Lehi to split into two dominat tribes, The Nephites, and The Lamanites. And the plates are passed on for the first time. In addition to illustrating the events, Allred is including various archeological and anecdotal evidence at the end of each volume which will blow your mind!


Publisher:AAA Pop Comics
Title:Golden Plates
Issue:Volume 2: The Liahona and the Promised Land
Cover Price:$7.99
Cover Date:2005 April
Release Date:

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