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[Arana No. 4]

Arana No. 4

Written by Fiona Avery
Penciled by Roger Cruz
Cover by Mark Brooks
Spider-Man makes his first featured appearance, as part of April's Spider-Man Month! After her disastrous fight with a teen assassin leaves Anya up the creek without a paddle, it's up to Spidey to lend a hand to the new kid in town! Maybe he can give her tips on how to deal with members of the press - especially when they happen to be your investigative reporter dad tracking your new identity! Meanwhile, the harsh reality of collateral damage hits Anya like a ton of bricks...and lands one of her teammates in Intensive Care. Enough with the destiny stuff already! It's time for Anya to take her fate into her own hands...even if that means paying a terrible price.

GREEN $2.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Marvel Comics
Issue:No. 4
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2005 June
Release Date:

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