[Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards (FCBD comic)]

Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards (FCBD comic)

by Jim Ottaviani, Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon, and Shad Petosky
Dinosaurs! Cowboys! Scientists! What more could you ask for? This special FCBD Edition offers a complete short story and tantalizing introduction to the fall's upcoming graphic novel. In addition to the cowboys, dinosaurs, and villainous men of science Bone Sharps also features the world-renowned artist Charles R. Knight, Chief Red Cloud and hundreds of his Indian braves, the gun-totin' & gamblin' professor John Bell Hatcher, and special appearances by the Cardiff Giant, P.T. Barnum, Buffalo Bill Cody, and a supporting cast of rogues & gallants from the Eastern scientific establishment and the Old West. Cover by Mark Schultz.


Publisher:G.T. Labs
Title:Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards
Issue:(FCBD comic)
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