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[Darkstalkers Vol. 1 Issue #05 (Cover B - Alan Wang)]

Darkstalkers Vol. 1 Issue #05 (Cover B - Alan Wang)

by Ken Siu-Chong, Alvin Lee, Joe Vriens, & Alan Wang
Darkstalkers, the ongoing comic based on Capcom's classic series, continues this month featuring the team behind the art of the latest hit PS2/Xbox fighting game, CAPCOM FIGHTING EVOLUTION! This month, Donovan, the cursed Night Warrior who has devoted his life to hunting the Dark Ones, answers a village's call to destroy the Gerdenheim monster--Victor! Meanwhile, Morrigan makes a shocking discovery while playing in the dreams of one of her victims. In this story, featuring guest-artist Joe (Sentinel, Thundercats) Vriens and Alvin (Street Fighter, Agent X) Lee, Darkstalkers and Night Warriors collide in a world where even your dreams are no longer safe! PLUS! A back-up story by guest-artist Alan Wang featuring the bloodthirsty cursed armor, Bishamon!

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Publisher:Devil's Due Publishing
Issue:Vol. 1 Issue #05 (Cover B - Alan Wang)
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2005 March
Release Date:

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[Darkstalkers Vol. 1 Issue #05 (Cover A - Joe Vriens)]

Darkstalkers Vol. 1 Issue #05 (Cover A - Joe Vriens)


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