[Expatriate #1]

Expatriate #1

written by B. CLAY MOORE
art & cover by JASON LATOUR
CONCEPT: Jack Dexter is a man on the run. He knows who he's running from (the CIA), but he doesn't know why. All he knows is that he can't be caught, dead or alive. So his flight takes him across the globe, in a desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of his pursuers. And that's a good thing. Because Jack won't like what happens when he's finally caught.
THIS ISSUE: Jack's run takes him to a tiny banana republic, where he stumbles into a problem named Maria. CIA agents Conrad and Murphy aren't too far behind, and they're not afraid to take out anyone in their path. Jack is caught between a beautiful girl, a local politician, and two coldblooded bastards intent on bringing his body home to the States. When all is said and done, no one escapes unscathed.


Publisher:Image Comics
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2005 February
Release Date:

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