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[Beyond Avalon Vol. 1 #1]

Beyond Avalon Vol. 1 #1

written by JOE PRUETT
CONCEPT: When heroes die they are welcomed to the enchanted island of Avalon, a land of unimaginable beauty, untouched by crime, unsoiled by bad weather, even immune to death. Only one hero has ever been born here. Her name is Megan, daughter of Arthur. Consumed by her father's wanderlust, Megan travels through the mystical mists surrounding the island in search of her missing father and her own self worth.
THIS ISSUE: "Wanderlust," Part One--Megan is the first of her kind, born upon the mythical island of Avalon. The daughter of a legendary king, she craves adventure, excitement and an escape from the "perfect" world in which she lives. When her father, also consumed by a quest for adventure, disappears, Megan decides to follow him. Her escape is presented to her in the form of the mists that surround the island, mists that are gateways to other worlds and dimensions. Armed with her father's recently recovered sword, Megan gathers her courage and enters the mist.

GREEN $2.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Beyond Avalon
Issue:Vol. 1 #1
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2005 January
Release Date:

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