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[Hardy Boys #2]

Hardy Boys #2

by Lea Hernandez & Scott Lobdell
The hunt for the "Ocean of Osyria" is on! Get set for international intrigue and excitement in Part Two (of Three) of the Hardy Boy's most daring adventure yet. Frank and Joe, after making a deal with the mysterious Gray Man, find themselves in the war-ravaged nation of Osyria, along with girlfriends Iola and Callie, attempting to recover that nation's stolen art treasure - the priceless Ocean of Osyria. But this isn't just another case for the all-American Hardy Boys - they must find the art treasure to prove their best friend, Chet Morton, is innocent and not an international art thief. But what happens when the real criminals find Joe and Frank first? Free clue: they ain't happy! Twenty-eight pages of fast-paced, full-color action, by superstar writer Scott Lobdell and Lulu Award winning artist Lea Hernandez. Based on the characters from Franklin W. Dixon's classic adventure series.

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Title:Hardy Boys
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2005 February
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