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[Heroes Anonymous #6]

Heroes Anonymous #6

by Gimple, Morrison, Wyk and Pepoy
Have a cup of coffee, take a danish, and sit down. Let's talk. This is the last issue of Heroes Anonymous' six-issue mini-series. You have to let go. But don't worry; we're leaving you with enough to carry you through this life. This ish contains Nazis with very bad judgment, drunk librarians, peanut butter and pastrami sandwiches, and an aborted poi fight. And all of this is told whilst tugging on your heartstrings and telling the epic, five-decade-spanning tale of "The Blitz," a hero who has helped innumerous heroes with their issues while all along, ignoring his own. And the man has BIG issues. Check in for this last session and come out forever changed and ready to finally face the world!

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Publisher:Bongo Entertainment, Inc.
Title:Heroes Anonymous
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:None
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Heroes Anonymous

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