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[Waterloo Sunset #2]

Waterloo Sunset #2

art & cover by TREVOR GORING
THE CONCEPT: When it happened, Earth was appalled. It seemed a hurt beyond healing. But the world moved on...all except London. In the heart of that city, high technology has failed. Survivors scrape a medieval living. Great buildings stand idle. Complex machinery sits frozen. A ruthless Mayor rules the people while the mysterious Cartel dominates both. Moving between them is Esau the Hunter. Now an impatient and powerful world wants this wreck to die...quickly. The outcome rests on the shoulders of the Hunter, and it's a responsibility he does not want.
THIS ISSUE: "Moving In High Places" and "A Game Of Yak And Yaffle"
Esau has agreed to escort Nina to meet London's overlords, despite the dangers. There, he will meet his forgotten past. Major discoveries wait for all beyond the doors of the Cartel HQ.

GREEN $6.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Waterloo Sunset
Cover Price:$6.95
Cover Date:2004 July
Release Date:

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