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[Sylvia Faust Vol. 1 #2]

Sylvia Faust Vol. 1 #2

art & cover by GREG SCOTT
CONCEPT: In Greenwich Village, Tim Klass runs the Apocalypse Drafthouse, a wild, weird, nearly-bankrupt movie theater famous for its beer, pizza and all-night marathons where fading celebrities drink and carouse with movie geeks. But one thing just might turn it around: a mysterious, magical girl who can get people and matter to do the most amazing things. Her name? Sylvia Faust. And she's on the run from a past darker than any theater.
THIS ISSUE: Tim Klass already has a small army of young employees, and now he has to deal with his worst waitress ever, Sylvia Faust, who's depressed because she's found her father and he doesn't remember her. But when Tim comforts her with an escape into his favorite movies, Sylvia shows him how to make the escape a kind of reality. Weird and snarky magic romance from Greg Scott and Jason Henderson, with SOULCATCHER colorist Leslie Barkley.

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Sylvia Faust
Issue:Vol. 1 #2
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2004 October
Release Date:

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