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[Ghost Spy Vol. 1 #3]

Ghost Spy Vol. 1 #3

Art & cover by JACOB ELIJAH
CONCEPT: Keico Loc is a young bounty hunter, psychologically torn apart by a hyper-violent future. After being infected with the biological toxin Adrenafin and constant embattlement, Keico decides to take control of her life for the very first time.
THIS ISSUE: After regaining her strength, Keico Loc leaves the safety of the Revlows' compound. She wrestles with visions of self doubt as she travels past the wretched commonality of the Forgotten Blocks. Keico haphazardly reunites with her old EBS teammates Rame and Griggs. After the hugs and kisses end, the Forgotten Blocks are left as a charred monument of Keico's destruction.

GREEN $2.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Ghost Spy
Issue:Vol. 1 #3
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2004 July
Release Date:
Notes:Indicia gives date as June 2004; cover says July.

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