[Frankenstein Mobster Vol. 1, #5 (Cover B - Angelo Torres)]

Frankenstein Mobster Vol. 1, #5 (Cover B - Angelo Torres)

Written & illustrated by MARK WHEATLEY
CONCEPT: Four souls in one patchwork body: Three mobsters and one cop fighting for control. Even if the cop wins he'll feel dirty and ashamed of his evil desires. The Frankenstein Mobster fights to uphold the law, but he's also a monster who can turn the city into a living hell.
THIS ISSUE: Tonight the Frankenstein Mobster will escape from the police, kidnap the Mayor and engage in wanton property damage. He is a one man crime wave. And his daughter, Police Detective Terri Todd, is the only person who has a chance of stopping him.


Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Frankenstein Mobster
Issue:Vol. 1, #5 (Cover B - Angelo Torres)
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2004 August
Release Date:

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[Frankenstein Mobster Vol. 1, #5 (Cover A - Mark Wheatley)]

Frankenstein Mobster Vol. 1, #5 (Cover A - Mark Wheatley)


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