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[Red Star Vol. 2, Issue #5]

Red Star Vol. 2, Issue #5

by Christian Gossett with Kayl, Snakebite, & Schrier
KYUZO VERSUS ZERO IN A DUEL TO THE DEATH: Part 2 (of 2)-The "Prison of Souls" story arc continues! Zero the Assassin has left a trail of dead behind him in his attempts to destroy the Konstantinov. If Maya's personal guardsman Kyuzo cannot defeat Zero in battle, all will soon be lost, and the people of the world will never be free of the murderous and evil tyrants who have enslaved them. Meanwhile, in the Spirit Realm, the climactic final battle-lines are being drawn as Marcus Antares almost reaches Archangel, Prison of Souls... the Rendezvous point from which he might be able to escape his long imprisonment. Wraparound cover.

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Publisher:Archangel Studios
Title:Red Star
Issue:Vol. 2, Issue #5
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2004 July
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