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[Best of Dork Storm #2 (FCBD comic)]

Best of Dork Storm #2 (FCBD comic)

by Aaron Williams, John Kovalic, & Christopher Jones
Sample the comics that fans everywhere can't get enough of: Dork Tower, a geek-fest of gaming humor and nerdy narrative! Ps238, the adventures of students attending the nation's only public school for the children of super-heroes! Nodwick, the saga of a henchman and his less-than-epic adventuring employers! And DSP's newest addition, Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink, about the case files of a psychologist to the cape-and-cowl crowd!

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Publisher:Dork Storm Press
Title:Best of Dork Storm
Issue:#2 (FCBD comic)
Cover Price:$0.00
Cover Date:2004 July
Release Date:
Notes:Limited to 1 copy per customer.

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