[Y: The Last Man Vol. 2: Cycles (SC)]

Y: The Last Man Vol. 2: Cycles (SC)


It's 2002, and a plague of unknown origin has killed all of the male mammals on Earth - all except an amateur escape artist named Yorick Brown and his surly helper monkey, Ampersand.

As the last remaining Y-chromosome carriers on the planet, Yorick and his pet hold the fate of humanity in their hands. To ensure the survival of the species, they've teamed up with a gun-toting government agent and the world's premier bioengineer to discover the secret behind the plague. But while they ride the rails across a radically transformed America, the man-hating Daughters of the Amazon are right behind them - and an unplanned stopover in the seemingly utopian town of Marrisville, Ohio may mean the end of the line for the Last Man.


Publisher:DC Comics / Vertigo
Title:Y: The Last Man
Issue:Vol. 2: Cycles (SC)
Cover Price:$14.99
Cover Date:None
Release Date:(Unknown)
Notes:Reprints Y: THE LAST MAN #6-10.

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