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[Ghost Spy Vol. 1 #1]

Ghost Spy Vol. 1 #1

Art & cover by JACOB ELIJIAH
CONCEPT: Keico Loc is a young bounty hunter, psychologically torn apart by a hyper-violent future. After being infected with the biological toxin Adrenafin, and constant embattlement, Keico decides, for the first time, to take control of her own life.
THIS ISSUE: Keico Loc thwarts a diabolical plot to launch the experimental chemical Adrenafin into the city. Keico is entrusted with delivering the Adrenafin to an underground Bio-warfare complex. With the help of the ambitiously violent Rame and Griggs, Keico lays waste to thugs and tanks alike on their battle through the forgotten blocks of Chi-Nova.

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Ghost Spy
Issue:Vol. 1 #1
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2004 May
Release Date:

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