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[Feather Vol. 1 #5]

Feather Vol. 1 #5

Written & illustrated by STEVE UY
Cover by STEVE UY
CONCEPT: Sehven's lifelong dream is to become a great dragonslayer, but there's only one hitch: Dragons are believed to be long extinct. Sehven's best friend, Leeka, would disagree, though: She claims she's a full-blooded dragon herself. But if she is, how will that affect Sehv's quest?
THIS ISSUE: Steve Uy presents the long-awaited conclusion to one of the most critically acclaimed miniseries of the year in a special double-sized final issue! After the disastrous results of the dragon hunt chronicled last issue, Sehven and Leeka find themselves at each other's throats. Once the closest of friends, the two must now find a way to regain what was lost, or risk becoming the mortal enemies they were born to be.

GREEN $5.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Issue:Vol. 1 #5
Cover Price:$5.95
Cover Date:2004 May
Release Date:

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