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[Alter Nation Vol. 1 #2 (Cover B - Ladronn)]

Alter Nation Vol. 1 #2 (Cover B - Ladronn)

Written by F.G. HAGHENBECK
THE CONCEPT: It's the 19th Century, and a strange astronomic-time phenomenon has created an alternate timeline in which every era of Earth's history is combined into a single reality. Germany has invaded America and Ludwig II is Emperor, but a clever band of rebels led by Samuel Clemens are staging a revolt...
THIS ISSUE: Sam and Tokugawa are aided by the Wright Brothers as they break into Ellis Island Castle to learn more about the origins of the mysterious Atomic Machine. Fallout from an old love affair between Sam and Mata Hari could endanger the mission, though, and Jack the Ripper isn't helping things, either!

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Alter Nation
Issue:Vol. 1 #2 (Cover B - Ladronn)
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2004 March
Release Date:

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[Alter Nation Vol. 1 #2 (Cover A - Carlos Barberi)]

Alter Nation Vol. 1 #2 (Cover A - Carlos Barberi)


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