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[Red Star Vol. 2, Issue #4]

Red Star Vol. 2, Issue #4

by Christian Gossett with Bradley Kayl; Digital Paint by Snakebite, 3D graphics by Paul Schrier
Kyuzo versus Zero in a duel to the death! The "Prison of Souls" story arc continues as the the battle against the Taktarov has been won, for now. But the Heroes of The Red Star are still lost in the Storm of Souls, and a new enemy stands in their way. Hidden in the deep maze-like tunnels of their massive Skyfurnace, the deadliest assassin ever trained by Central Command is wreaking havoc. He is one of an elite Corps of Assassins, codename: Zero, and his mission is to destroy the Konstantinov at all costs. Only one man can save the ship - Maya's personal guardsman, Kyuzo. He and Zero will clash in a duel of high-paced fury and brutal action as only Team Red Star can bring!

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Publisher:Archangel Studios
Title:Red Star
Issue:Vol. 2, Issue #4
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2004 February
Release Date:

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