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[Heroes Anonymous #4]

Heroes Anonymous #4

by Gimple, Morrison, & Wyck
As one of the hottest TV and movie stars in the world, Asher Hutchton sips Cristal, hangs out on yachts, and rides around in a fleet of Hummers! As the Gadfly, he gets shot with lasers, winds up passed out in craters, and often collides into billboards. So when this A-List star who's a C-List superhero catches the notice of Hollywood's most psychotic super-villain, he finally sees a way to bring up his average. But can he juggle his celebrity, his movie-star girlfriend, and his sitcom day job with the responsibilities of a superhero? Can he "do lunch" and "do battle" in the same day? Is it possible to check your alter ego at the door? Take a trip into the life of one of America's most conflicted celebrities in Heroes Anonymous Session IV: The Diary of Asher Hutchton a.k.a. the Gadfly!

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Publisher:Bongo Entertainment, Inc.
Title:Heroes Anonymous
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