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[Frankenstein Mobster Vol. 1, #1 (Cover B - Mike Wieringo)]

Frankenstein Mobster Vol. 1, #1 (Cover B - Mike Wieringo)

(W/A) Mark Wheatley
THE CONCEPT: Four souls in one body: the best cop and three of the worst mobsters! All battling it out for control of the Frankenstein Mobster. This gangster and horror epic hammers away with blood and ammo in a corrupt city of spooks, goblins and nasty criminals. Doctor Solva is the body building mad scientist. Ozmed the Mummy is a moldy cab driver. And Terri Todd is the smart and sexy detective.
THIS ISSUE SPECIFIC: Night. Friday the 13th and the Mobsters who run the city are gathered to watch the creation of the Frankenstein Mobster. And this monster is a Made Man. In the fire of storms, lightning and gang warfare, corrupt police turn a blind eye. All except detective Janus. And Janus has his own secrets. Janus is a were creature - a human cat. A detective with the power to battle the Frankenstein Mobster, tooth and claw!

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Frankenstein Mobster
Issue:Vol. 1, #1 (Cover B - Mike Wieringo)
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2003 December
Release Date:

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[Frankenstein Mobster Vol. 1, #1 (Cover A - Mark Wheatley)]

Frankenstein Mobster Vol. 1, #1 (Cover A - Mark Wheatley)


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