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[G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 16 (Cover A - Rodriguez)]

G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 16 (Cover A - Rodriguez)

(W) Corey Mitchel & William Wilson (A) Eddy Barrows
THE CONCEPT: G.I.Joe Frontline expands the action of the regular G.I. JOE series into another title, featuring a cast of rotating creative teams. Frontline allows us to see the G.I.JOE universe through the eyes of different artists, and of course, its full of action, action, action!
THIS ISSUE: One shot. Bragging about the quality of his security measures has gotten DESTRO into hot water with Cobra Commander, who fears treachery on all sides. Putting the security to the test, Cobra Commander hires an assassin to kill Destro, in the name of the Night Creepers.

GREEN $2.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Title:G.I. Joe: Frontline
Issue:Issue 16 (Cover A - Rodriguez)
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2003 October
Release Date:

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[G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 16 (Cover B - Hilinski)]

G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 16 (Cover B - Hilinski)


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