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[Heaven's Devils Volume 1, Issue 1]

Heaven's Devils Volume 1, Issue 1

(W) Jai Nitz (A) Zach Howard (Cover) Zach Howard
THE CONCEPT: Alan Wells hides from his ugly past but seeks redemption in Mexico. John Wickliffe belies his corporate status and tries to save the rainforest one tree at a time. Agent Madison Morgan is reprimanded by the FBI and sent to do deskwork in the middle of nowhere Texas for the Office of Homeland Security. A smuggler with a past, an environmentalist with an agenda, and a loose cannon with a chip on her shoulder come together with the fate of humanity between them.
THIS ISSUE: Alan's criminal existence is exposed when a young boy is caught in the crossfire of his drug smuggler lifestyle. Distraught, he's faced with a choice; make a change, or end it all. Madison risks her job and her life to track down illegal immigrants carrying a deadly disease. John leads Brazilian natives against illegal loggers and takes the environmental movement to the next level, both with deadly results.

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Heaven's Devils
Issue:Volume 1, Issue 1
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2003 September
Release Date:

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