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[Super Manga Blast! #35]

Super Manga Blast! #35

More action! More charm! More sci-fi goodness! More manga! That's what America is saying these days, and one of the best places to find it is Super Manga Blast! If it's charm you want, you won't be dissatisfied with Club 9, a delightfully charming and innocently sexy slice of life, and this month is particularly sweet. However, if it's sci-fi you're looking for, we've got lots! In 3x3 Eyes, Pai and Yakumo are back home and Pai's back to normal, as normal as she can be!. And in Seraphic Feather it's all action and shoot 'em up, space fun. Then there's Shadow Star, which gets deeper, more mysterious, and incredibly interesting in every installment. There's also a big chunk of those charming cats in What's Michael?, and a little visit from Shirow's Appleseed Hypernotes. Yep, we've got it all right here in Super Manga Blast! with plenty more to come!

GREEN $5.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Dark Horse Comics / Manga
Title:Super Manga Blast!
Cover Price:$5.99
Cover Date:2003 August
Release Date:

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