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[Jack Staff Vol. 2 #3]

Jack Staff Vol. 2 #3

By Paul Grist
THE CONCEPT: Jack Staff is Britain's Greatest Hero. At least he was. For years he fought the bad guys and all the weird stuff that followed him around. Then, twenty years ago, he disappeared, and everybody forgot about him. Now he's back, and all the old bad guys and weird stuff have started crawling back out of the woodwork too. They never went away. They just got a little bit more bad and a little bit more weird.
THIS ISSUE: Twenty years ago, the city of Castletown was attacked by the ultimate weapon - Hurricane. The only thing stood in it's way was Jack Staff, Britain's Greatest Hero. Now the Hurricane is back, and this time the agents of Q are the only ones to stand between Castletown and total destruction. But if they want to get to Hurricane they've got to cross to the other side of a rioting city! It's not a fun drive...

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Jack Staff
Issue:Vol. 2 #3
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2003 June
Release Date:

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