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[Feather Vol. 1 #1]

Feather Vol. 1 #1

By Steve Uy
THE CONCEPT: Set years after the Dragon Wars which rendered the continent of Rakkon unfit for human habitation, Sehven lives a carefree life as a half-breed wheat thresher with his brother Clip. Seeking only to become a great dragonslayer in order to fulfill his lifelong dream, Sehven needs only to find a dragon to hunt, but in a time when dragons are thought to be long extinct, this proves to be much easier said than done. And then there's Leeka, Sehven's best friend and a self-proclaimed full-blooded dragon. But... if it's true, will Sehven be able to accomplish his goal through her?
THIS ISSUE: From Steve Uy, the creator of Eden's Trail and cover artist for Uncanny X-Men, comes a story revolving around the star-crossed relationship between two of the closest of friends, the value of achieving one's dreams, and the consequences of choosing one at the cost of the other. Welcome to Rakkon. Let the hunt begin!

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Publisher:Image Comics
Issue:Vol. 1 #1
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2003 August
Release Date:

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