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[Red Star Vol. 2, Issue #2]

Red Star Vol. 2, Issue #2

Written by Christian Gossett and Bradley Kayl, art by Christian Gossett, colors by Snakebite
In this Epic Saga of brutal warfare, where Militarized Sorcery has created armies of unimaginable power, the Heroes of The Red Star struggle against an ancient evil to free their people and bring justice to their world.
Confrontation on an epic scale! The heroes of The Red Star, lost aboard their skyship in a raging storm, fight to the death against the superior forces of The Red Fleet. Join Skymarshall Urik Antares and his loyal crew as they make war upon a prison of souls!

RED $9.00 Add to Cart

Publisher:CrossGen Comics / CG Entertainment
Title:Red Star
Issue:Vol. 2, Issue #2
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:None
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