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[Soul of a Samurai Vol. 1, Issue 1]

Soul of a Samurai Vol. 1, Issue 1

by Will Dixon
The Concept: In order to achive his ultimate goal of enlightenment, a young samurai is forced to face his four inner deamons, each of whom represent a different piece of his soul. With each new discovery bringing more agony than bliss, he realizes that sometimes knowledge of the self can come at a high price when you are your own worst enemy.
This Issue: The journey begins when the eldest son in a samurai family forsakes rank and duty in favor of a spiritual quest. Soon the reprecussions from such a rash decision become clear, but it is too late to turn back now. The doorways into his soul have begun to open whether he is ready or not, and what is inside them remains to be seen.

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Soul of a Samurai
Issue:Vol. 1, Issue 1
Cover Price:$5.95
Cover Date:2003 May
Release Date:

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