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[Exiles Vol. 1, No. 28]

Exiles Vol. 1, No. 28

Cover by Dale Keown
Chuck Austen (w)/Clayton Henry (p)
"UNNATURAL SELECTION" Pt. 1 (of 3)-In this beginning of a new story arc by Uncanny X-MEN writer Chuck Austen, the Exiles travel to the REAL Marvel Universe and cross paths with the REAL Uncanny X-Men! How will they fare together against the Dominant Species? Wolverine, Havok, Angel, Juggernaut and more guest-star in this special crossover storyline tying into X-MEN continuity!

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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Issue:Vol. 1, No. 28
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2003 August
Release Date:

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