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[Eternal (series 1) No. 1]

Eternal (series 1) No. 1

Cover by Kev Walker
Chuck Austen (w)/Kev Walker (p)
Gods walk among us! But who are the Eternals and what do they have planned for the future of our world? They have come to Earth searching for raw materials for their masters, the god-like titans the Celestials ... but what happens when they are done with us? How will Earth be judged in the final equation? Take a journey into the Marvel Universe's past, see a glimpse of its frightening future, and learn what it means to be a god in this MAX sci-fi/superhero ongoing series.

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Publisher:Marvel Comics / MAX
Issue:(series 1) No. 1
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2003 August
Release Date:

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