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[Heirs of Eternity Vol. 1 #2]

Heirs of Eternity Vol. 1 #2

(W) Jose L. Torres (P) Jae Tsai (I) Emily Schmidt (Cover) Jae Tsai
The Concept: Music of the spheres, or the perfect order of art and science, rules our world. But what would you do if this music became discordant? If the cacophony of the cosmos shattered the thin veil of reality and rained the jagged shards of your whole world and all your preconceived notions of heaven, hell, good, evil and everything in between down on you, what would you have left? Sorry, but some questions have no answer.
This issue: Unlikely alliances are formed and battle lines begin to appear as misinformation brings heaven to Pyrus' door. On earth, the city copes with last issue's explosive conclusion and Wayne learns that things are not always black and white. Meanwhile in hell, random acts of violence begin to take the form of a thoroughly organized uprising. And a king returns to his kingdom.

GREEN $2.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Heirs of Eternity
Issue:Vol. 1 #2
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2003 May
Release Date:

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