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[Agents Vol. 1 #2]

Agents Vol. 1 #2

(W) Kevin Gunstone (A) Ben Dunn (Cover) Ben Dunn
The Concept: From the ashes of nuclear devastation wrought on the cities of Washington and Moscow thirty years ago, a planet-wide protectorate was formed in Britain called The Agency. The Agency enforce their own brand of defensive guardianship through espionage and counteraction, but not all of the Earth is united in this New World Order, as individual countries, states and rival organizations threaten to undermine and destroy all The Agency stand for.
This Issue: In the backstreets of London's Soho, agent Lady Pippa and new recruit Douglas Chance search for the missing scientist Mike 70. When Pippa's involved, though, seduction is also high on the agenda. Meanwhile, in the jungles of South America, superspy Nigel Cord trails the villainous Professor Daedalus. However, Cord soon finds he isn't the only one doing the stalking as he is hunted by the C.A.B.A.L.'s top female assassin, the murderous Kristal Veil!

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Publisher:Image Comics
Issue:Vol. 1 #2
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2003 May
Release Date:

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