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[G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 1 (Cover B - Kevin Sharpe)]

G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 1 (Cover B - Kevin Sharpe)

(W) Larry Hama (P) Dan Jurgens (I)Bob Layton
The Concept: G.I.Joe: Frontline expands the action of the regular G.I. JOE series into another title, featuring a cast of rotating creative teams. Frontline allows us to see the G.I. JOE universe through the eyes of different artists, and of course, is full of action action action.
This Issue: It's the year 1994, just after the government mothballed the classic G.I. JOE organization... or did they? Cobra is still up to its dirty tricks, and there's only one group of people qualified to stop them. You can guess who that is! This story arc fills in many of the gaps between G.I. JOE of the 1980's, and the current Image Comics series, and features the return of original G.I. JOE writer, Larry Hama, joined by (Superman and Captain America) artist Dan Jurgens.

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:G.I. Joe: Frontline
Issue:Issue 1 (Cover B - Kevin Sharpe)
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:None
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[G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 1 (Cover A - Dave Dorman)]

G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 1 (Cover A - Dave Dorman)


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