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[Army of Darkness - 1979 #4 (Cover A - Francesco Mattina)]

Army of Darkness - 1979 #4 (Cover A - Francesco Mattina)

(W) Rodney Barnes (A) Tom Garcia (CA) Francesco Mattina
It's 1979 and Ash is on the trail of the Necronomicon in the Big Apple. His adventures have led him many places, most of which unleashing horror after horror upon our dim-witted hero. But, here, at the height of the 70s, is Ash prepared to face what lurks behind the doors of... Studio 54?
The mayhem continues by Rodney Barnes and Tom Garcia and an undead who's-who of cover artists: Mattina! Suydam! Yoon! Sayger!
Did you know: Prior to the rise of mankind, Deadites had free reign over the Earth, making up a large portion of the world's population.
32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99

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Publisher:Dynamite Entertainment
Title:Army of Darkness
Issue:- 1979 #4 (Cover A - Francesco Mattina)
Cover Price:$3.99
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