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[Abstract Studios; Strangers in Paradise Vol. 3, #51]

Strangers in Paradise Vol. 3, #51
by Terry Moore
Two hikers have discovered Veronica's dismembered body and now the FBI is pressing Katchoo for information about her
deadly stepsister, Tambi. The Amazon blonde is a cool, calculating killer who has managed to stay one step ahead of
everybody, including the FBI, but how much longer can she keep it up? Meanwhile, behind closed doors, Francine has a
passionate evening of hot romance... but we're not going to spoil the surprise and tell you who with -- you'll have to read this
issue yourself to find out!
b&w, 24pg $2.95

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Publisher:Abstract Studios
Title:Strangers in Paradise
Issue:Vol. 3, #51
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2002 June
Release Date:
Subscription:Strangers in Paradise XXV
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